Sometime Soon

Sometime Soon is a video retelling of a bus tour to Spaceport America, “The world’s first purpose-built spaceport”. Finished in 2014 and funded by the state of New Mexico, the spaceport was built in anticipation of the not-yet-here space tourism industry. In recent years, a growing number of new space companies have promised to make human space flight commonplace, prompting renewed public interest in space exploration in the US. While the industry has yet to arrive, Spaceport America and the surrounding New Mexico communities wait for the possible economic benefits of a new form of exclusive high-tech tourism.

In Sometime Soon, the techno-optimism embedded within contemporary narratives of privatized space exploration is playfully challenged. Through the use of paper mâché rockets, low-fi pyrotechnics, and slo-mo video  techniques, this proposed future is staged over the backdrop of a meta-tour of a tourist
destination that’s yet to take off.

Written and directed by Sara Drake
Camera - Sara Drake, Chris Page, Nina Sarnelle
Puppeteers - Sara Drake, Nina Sarnelle, Jacob Winkler